There are over 21000 super-human beings, including aliens, artificial lifeforms, extra-dimensional visitors and refugees, survivors of non-human or pre-human civilizations, and theistic/diabolic manifestations, on the Earth.

85% of them live in or immediately around Pinnacle City.

Pinnacle City was built on the ruins of Galveston Island after a hurricane devastated the island in 1900. Known for being a major seaport, Pinnacle City also had a large organized crime and piracy problem after the Great War, which unfortunately continues today. After WWII, the city underwent a huge financial and technological boom, which brought with it a massive population influx of immigrants of both national and international origin. Today, Pinnacle City has a skyline that is recognized the world over, it’s majestic towers of glass and steel stretching up into the sky almost as a testament to the continual growth that has blessed the city since the disaster of 1900. Known as the home of cutting edge technology, progressive architecture, and futuristic ideals, Pinnacle City still has a rotten core, an underworld of seething corruption that threatens to boil over and destroy everything that has been achieved through hard work and honesty.

Pinnacle City Chronicles

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